About Us

Chennai Scripts was originally formed as a subsidiary of ALPS BUSINESS SYSTEMS which was started in 1994. ALPS BUSINESS SYSTEMS was engaged in supplying computer consumables, stationery, computers and other spares. The company was also undertaking on call service and annual maintenance service of computers and printers. The company had several big companies in Chennai as its main clients. The company was engaged in supplying computers to individuals, SOHO and Corporate segment. The company is known for its services. The company diversified into website development by incorporating Chennai Scripts in 1998.

The company launched www.yourchennai.com for catering to tamils across the world to know about the happenings in Chennai, South India and India. The company also launched a few other sites namely www.mail2friend.com which is a free service using which users can forward the URL that they have visited to their friends or relatives. The company also launched a free greeting site www.greetworld.com to cater to the ever-growing demand for e-greetings.

The company currently has www.equitybulls.com, a website that caters to the investing community. A free classifieds website www.isrch.com was launched recently to cater to the burgeoning market of free classifieds.

The company has also commenced working on projects for companies.